Aberdeenshire UNISON

International Issues

UNISON has a proud tradition of international activity and has supported many international causes over the years.

So why does UNISON get involved in international activity?

You probably take for granted the right to access this website, to meet and discuss work problems or politics. But trade unionists in many other countries risk intimidation and even death for active membership in a union.

Solidarity - joining together with others who share a common interest - is the very basis of trade unionism, and it shouldn't stop at national borders.

Britain's economy and political system are interdependent with Europe and the rest of the world. It is vital, therefore, that UNISON works with sister trade unions in other countries and through key international organisations to promote and protect its members' interests and concerns

UNISON Scotland international priorities

UNISON Scotland has an international committee which is elected every year by delegates to Scottish Council. It sets priorities for the union's international work in Scotland. Its current priorities are

For more information on UNISON Scotland international activity click here

Branch activity

The branch also has a post of international officer, currently held by Bob Slessor. The branch can identify its own priorities for international work, within the priorities of UNISON Scotland, or can propose new priorities by taking a motion to Scottish Council.

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