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Phase 1 Housing Review June 2011
Members are concerned that decision have already been made as UNISON calls for more work before implementation

UNISON has highlighted members' concerns about the proposals in the Housing Review and has called on the council to ensure that all jobs are appropriately sized before Phase 1 of the Housing Review is implemented.

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Inez Teece
Inez Teece

"The members who have contacted UNISON believe this process will go ahead regardless of their opinions as staff have been told they will match to posts before the process has finished and prior to a matching panel being scheduled," said Inez Teece, Branch Secretary, in UNISON's response to the consultation.

Other concerns include a reduction in the number of posts when workloads are already unmanageable, how the matching process will work with differently sized posts and the move towards functionality.

"Although this review is to be cost neutral there are concerns that changes are being driven by 'efficiency' rather than improving services for staff and customers," added Inez.