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Modernisation Review - Sport and Leisure
Aberdeenshire UNISON response

The main issue raised by members was the view that under the present structure there is serious under capacity to deliver the service. This has led to stress related absences across the service and is a matter raised by the Team in meetings.

To add to this workload as the review suggests by placing on CRO's the management responsibility for Community use of all schools, is seen as unworkable unless there is considerable additional staff resource added in.This needs to be rexamined with involvement of others in the wider EL&L service who are responsible for use of school premises outside normal school hours.

Another matter of concern which will be multiplied if the above proceeds, is the presently uneven distribution of responsibilities with some CRO's having multi facility responsibilities sometimes over a wide area. Further work is needed to identify reasonable and equitable work packages (unless the bigger patches are given additional assistance ?).

Concerns are expressed that teaching swimming is valued, in salary terms as being worth more than teaching exercise classes or dry sports coaching, when these require a similar or greater level of qualification and experience to deliver.

On a similar note there are complications over shift allowances which would see a supervisor who does Swimming Teaching losing pay for doing this. This creates a real barrier to supporting lessons.

Members employed as receptionists at facilities are worried about their positions as they may not be able/willing to take on the wider role suggested.

Staffing levels across the service vary enormously based on historical provision. This has led to a skewing of opinion whether you see yourself at the good or bad end of that spectrum.

Many have commented that a full before and after picture across the services would have helped inform the comments.

Bob Revie,
Branch Secretary



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