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UNISON is the largest union in Scotland's education service, and new developments in UNISON Scotland's structure are planned to ensure that we expand our effectiveness and our profile in the service. Our new Education Issues Group has representatives from across Scotland and across the wide occupational diversity that UNISON represents.

UNISON has a great many members in the education sector, supporting the education of our children. These members include nursery nurses, classroom assistants and support for learning auxiliaries, janitors, technicians, community learning staff and admin staff. All have a key role to play in the teaching and learning of children throughout their school lives.

However, UNISON is aware that these staff do not always get the recognition they deserve for the work that they do. Even though they are generally valued by pupils, parents and often teachers, their pay and status remains a long way behind teaching staff.

At Scottish level, UNISON Scotland has set up an Educational Issues Group which meets every 3 months. It also issues a newsletter twice a year. If you work in education and would like to be a branch rep on the Educational Issues Group, contact the UNISON Resource Centre. Click here to email.

MSP briefing on educationEducation in Scotland is delivered by a whole range of people not just lecturers and teachers. UNISON represents the majority of these vital education staff. In this paper UNISON lays out key strategies to help our members improve the delivery of education in Scotland. (pdf)

Over the past few years the branch too, has been working hard with and on behalf of members in the education sector.

In 2004 nursery nurse members took industrial action in support of a pay claim which resulted in a pay rise backdated 2 years.

In Dec 2006, the branch brought together teaching support staff members in a meeting to hear members' issues and held meetings again in 2007 to inform these members of the Equal Opportunities Commission Report into the pay and status of classroom assistants, sponsored by UNISON. It has submitted equal pay claims on behalf of classroom assistants and is supporting a number to appeal their single status mapping.

The branch has also recently submitted responses to modernisation reviews on behalf of techical and janitorial staff in schools and community learning staff.




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