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Council members vote to accept improved pay offer

Worth itUNISON members in Scottish councils have voted to accept COSLA’s pay offer in a ballot of all local government members across Scotland.

In an incredible 64% turnout the results are as follows:

  • Those voting to accept the pay offer – 67%
  • Those voting to reject the pay offer – 33%

UNISON will now work with employers to ensure that pay increases are included in salaries as soon as possible. Once the union is satisfied we will notify employers that local government strike notices will be withdrawn.

Worth itJohanna Baxter, UNISON Scotland head of local government said: “UNISON members have spoken and voted overwhelmingly to accept the improved pay offer and we will now press COSLA to get this money into members pay packets as quickly as possible.

“But lets be very clear – it was only because UNISON members took, and were prepared to take, industrial action that this improved pay offer was even made. If they hadn’t stood up to their employer they would have been forced to accept a derisory 2% increase. It was their collective strength that forced the Scottish Government to accept they had a role to play and come up with more money but it should never have got to that.

Worth it“The lesson the Scottish Government needs to take from this is that they need to fund local government, and the workers that serve our local communities, properly and UNISON will continue to lead the campaign for investment in councils and for staff to get the pay, reward and recognition they deserve.”

Mark Ferguson chair of the local government committee said: “I want to thank all council workers, particularly those who took industrial action. Without your commitment we would never have secured this deal. I am pleased we have secured this pay rise. But let’s not pretend it will be the only thing that protect council workers against the cost of living crisis – we have much more work to do and we are already running our next campaign for improved council services and better pay and conditions for all council workers.”

The key details of the improved offer are:

  • An increase of £2000 for those earning up to £20,500
  • An increase of £1925 for those earning between £20,500 to £39,000
  • A 5% increase for those earning between £39,000 to £60,000
  • A maximum increase of £3k for those earning above £60,000
  • The removal of SSSC fees where application (social care registration fees)
  • 1 extra days annual leave
  • All increases based on a 36hr week calculator (apart from those over 60k who will have 37hr calculator)

This equates to a total pay bill uplift of 7.5% with 87% of Local Government workers receiving fully consolidated uplifts from the date of implementation of between 5-10%