Aberdeenshire UNISON joins council’s political leaders to say no to the Trade Union Bill

No to the TU Bill
Kate Ramsden and Morag Lawrence join council leaders to say no to Trade Union Bill

Branch representatives joined Aberdeenshire councillors from the Labour, SNP, LibDem and Progressive Independent Groups on Monday 23rd November to stand together in opposition to the Trade Union Bill.

Branch Chair, Kate Ramsden said, “The Tory Trade Union Bill is the most draconian legislation against trade unions in the Western world and if it becomes law it will deny workers a voice at work, and their rights to support and representation.

“It is an attack not just on our hard won employment rights but on our human rights, including to be safe and healthy at our work.

“We are delighted that the political leadership of Aberdeenshire council values the important role that trade unions play in the workplace and has joined us in opposing the bill.

“We thank them for taking such a robust position against the Trade Union Bill.”

The Partnership Administration of Aberdeenshire Council wrote to the Branch in September to confirm that they support the continuation of check-off (whereby union members can pay their union subscriptions from their salary) and also support facility time. They have stated that “the Partnership has no intention of supporting the use of agency staff in the unlikely event of any industrial action.”

The event was organised by Councillors Alison Evison, Labour and Ross Cassie, SNP.