Advice from council when your place of work is closed due to adverse weather

Aberdeenshire council has clarified the following guidance when workplaces are closed due to the adverse weather. This affects members working in schools, day care centres and other workplaces which have had to close. It is included in the Adverse Weather Procedures:

Where a decision is taken by the Authority to close a place of work due to adverse weather, affected employees may be required to attend at an alternative place of work (see Attendance at an Alternative Place of Work) or work from home (see Working From Home). If neither of these applies, employees will be entitled to paid leave for their normal hours of work for the duration of the closure.

Branch secretary, Inez Kirk, said, “The branch sought this clarification from the council following a number of queries from our members who work in schools, day care etc where there has been a decision to shut the building and all other nearby services are shut.

“This will be helpful for those members in schools, who are on term time contracts and do not have annual leave to use.”