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Branch campaign puts social care workers at its heart

Karen and Susan, project workers
Karen and Susan, project workers

UNISON Aberdeenshire has launched a new campaign to put social care and social care workers at the top of its agenda.

The new campaign will put UNISON at the heart of supporting and upskilling staff, and ensuring each workplace is adopting the best practices for its workforce. Our social care team of Susan, Karen and Lorcan will be out and about near your workplace soon.

Simon Watson, Regional Organiser said, “In the future we are looking to link up members in social care across the whole of North East Scotland, develop relationships with more employers, set up training courses, and ensure all members are properly supported in their dealing with the SSSC and get paid the Scottish Living Wage. Of course, we need more staff to join UNISON to get protection and give us a louder voice.

“The crisis in social care has led to under-funding, under-staffing, and the closure of some residential homes. At the same time, higher standards for staff (such as getting SVQs qualifications) and registration with the Scottish Social Care Council (SSSC) mean that staff are more likely to held personally accountable if anything goes wrong.”

Simon added, “Many employers are struggling to provide decent care and support their staff. At the same time, a minority are pocketing extra funding from councils which is supposed to ensure all care workers are paid the Scottish Living Wage.”

If you are willing to help out in any way, just give us a call, text or email. Our outreach organiser Susan Kennedy is on 07976 636131 or