Branch in talks with council on improvements to  procedures

UNISON and the GMB have now met twice with HR since the Special Leave procedure was withdrawn and talks have been constructive.

The branch had called for changes to the Special Leave and Attendance Management procedures and the Adverse Weather Arrangements in line with our Position Statement issued on 13th August.

Kate Ramsden, Branch co-chair said, “I am pleased to report that the council has committed to some changes to the Special Leave procedure and will bring back a revised version to the unions, along with an Equalities Impact Assessment and an assessment of any health and safety implications.

“This will be discussed with the joint unions before it is re-issued.”

The unions have also sought changes to the other two procedures and these are now under consideration by HR. They too will be Equality Impact assessed before they are brought back to the table.

Kate added, “The talks with HR have been very constructive and they have listened carefully to what we had to say. They have already committed to some of the changes we have sought and have undertaken to consider the others. We hope we can reach agreement on a much improved set of procedures.

“The unions have made it clear that after ten years of austerity, our members are doing more with less and council services are dependent on staff goodwill. Therefore it is in everyone’s interest that procedures support and value staff and are not seen as another obstacle to a good working environment.”