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Branch to meet council on terms and conditions after apology for bypassing unions

The council has apologised for bypassing the unions when announcing the outcome of the consultation on Terms and Conditions and UNISON has agreed to meet with them to go over our detailed response and to discuss the feedback from the Council’s consultation.

Inez Teece, Branch Secretary said, “We have now written to all our members to update them on Terms and Conditions after the council issued emails and placed articles on ARCADIA before the Joint Trade Unions had a chance to discuss the consultation exercise.

“We did not know those mailings were happening.  This is not normal practice and I raised the Branch’s concerns formally with Aberdeenshire Council.
Inez added, “UNISON and the other Trade Unions did deliver a yes vote to the consultation but there are still issues that affect many staff that don’t work 9 – 5.

“The response was very clear that these members want us to speak up for them and this is what we intend to do,” promised Inez.

The Branch will update  members following our meeting.