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Cornerstone LCAST Survey 2019 Updated

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Updated 9 October: See on the graphic for a copy of our LCAST Survey results for the three years 2017, 2018, 2019. This will allow you to see how opinions and issues have changed over a period of time for your colleagues.

Original post 4th October: As you know, UNISON recently completed its annual survey of Cornerstone staff, and the results are now in.

cornerstone staff survey results 2019You can see the basic results in the attached graphic, but the headline issues for staff were:-

87% Take pride in the services that they deliver. This is an increase on last year’s results which was 81%, but still a drop from 2017’s results of 93%. Regardless of this, it’s clear that the workforce is dedicated to providing the very best care that they can for the people that they support.

Of more concern however were that 93% had no faith in the Leadership Team being able to deliver Local Cornerstone (also 93% in 2018, 92% in 2017), and 95% did not feel that they were paid fairly for the work that they do (97% in 2018, 86% in 2017). This only confirms what we have been hearing from members over the last year – that a fair pay award is a priority and that lots of the services that they work in lack direction.

We would like to thank you all for responding to the survey and remember to look out for a UNISON newsletter examining the results in more detail in the next week!

 UNISON Cornerstone Team