Council withdraws Special Leave Procedure and commits to further talks with the unions

The branch is delighted to report that following a meeting with UNISON and the GMB on 23rd August, Aberdeenshire Council has withdrawn the revised Special Leave Procedure pending further talks with the unions.

The previous procedures will now apply meantime. Any members who have had to take unpaid leave, flexi or annual leave for medical appointments etc since 12th August should speak to their manager who will adjust this in line with the previous procedures.

Revisions will be made to the Adverse Weather Arrangements and the unions will be consulted before these are reissued. Whilst the Attendance Management Procedure remains, there will be further discussions with the trade unions about the changes we are seeking.

Branch Co-Chair, Kate Ramsden said, “This is good news for our members and indeed all staff in Aberdeenshire Council.

“The revised procedures, especially the Special Leave Procedure has created a lot of anger and unhappiness for our members and both GMB and ourselves have been inundated with reports of their concerns.

“We are pleased that the council has listened to us. Whilst we asked them to withdraw all the procedures we have been given a commitment to the changes we requested in the Adverse Weather Arrangements to ensure it sits within the Guidance from the Scottish Government and the STUC.

“We also welcome the opportunity for further discussions on the Attendance Management Procedure and we will be pressing for Equality Impact and Health and Safety Risk Assessments on all three procedures and for further changes to ensure that they are fit for purpose.”