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Covid-19 Advice for Cornerstone members

Here is an update on Covid-19 for our Cornerstone members. Be assured that UNISON is working with Cornerstone to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff and service users.

UNISON is maintaing daily dialogue with Cornerstone and working with the employer on the back of our recently signed recognition agreement. Members are encouraged to check the Cornerstone MS Teams > Coronavirus Channel to check for the latest updates and advice.

Audrey McCabe, who is one of our UNISON stewards at Cornerstone, has a seat on the COVID-19 working group with other senior managers at Cornerstone. Any member who feels there is an issue not covered in MS Teams or they have any other issue to be raised, please contact Audrey by e-mail:

Audrey said, “The most common concern raised has been around childcare difficulties. Cornerstone has committed to ensure services remain as flexible as possible to allow staff to work their hours at different times where possible.

“So far we have been able to resolve any problems through reasonable discussion and we hope that can continue. Of course, if any member has any concerns or difficulties, it is important that they discuss with their line manager in the first instance and raise with UNISON for further support if necessary. Guidance on this and many other issues is already available on the MS teams intranet”

Our aim throughout this crisis will be to work with the employer to ensure our members do not suffer detriment as a result of the crisis.

While our work internally with Cornerstone will remain important, our external work politically where we work with Cornerstone and other social care providers will be equally important. For example, it will be important to ensure the social care sector receives our share of the additional funding being supplied by Westminster through the Scottish Government.

This additional funding will help support the additional health and safety requirements going forward and help safeguard the jobs, pay and conditions of our members, many of whom may find themselves off sick or self isolation in the coming weeks and months ahead. Regardless of the challenges, UNISON will ensure our members voices are heard and have meaningful influence with the employer and wider society.

Ian Fitzpatrick