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Design and photography services to stay in-house after UNISON pressure

Aberdeenshire Council has ditched plans to outsource its design and photography service after the branch sent a briefing out to all councillors making the case for in-house provision. The design service will now be formally reviewed by the council.

Inez Teece
Inez Teece

Inez Teece, Branch Secretary said, “We are very pleased that the council listened to UNISON’s concerns and has agreed to keep the design and photography services in-house. We made the case that outsourcing rarely if ever saves money and often creates more expense if services, as often happens, have to be brought back in house.

“We are disappointed that the council still plans to outsource the print service and we will continue to make the arguments that this is a mistake which may very well come back to bite the council and council tax payers.

“We are also concerned that outsourcing the printing of confidential material risks breaches and we hope the council will not fall foul of this, given the sensitivity of some of its information both personal and commercial.”

Morag Lawrence

Morag Lawrence, Steward in Design and Print added, “We will also engage with the planned review of the design service to try and make sure that the council takes a realistic approach and that our members are protected.

“We know that job losses are being considered and we are very clear that if these go ahead the design service will be unable to provide the excellent service that it currently does and that other parts of the council – those that use the design service – will suffer.”