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Happy International Women’s Day

The branch sends greetings to all our members as we celebrate International Women’s Day and choose to challenge gender inequality  at home and across the world, today and every day.

International Women’s Day, held annually on 8 March, is historically rooted in the trade union movement. Originally named ‘International Working Women’s Day’ in 1911, the day was born from women sweatshop workers’ collective struggle to have fair, safe and decent working conditions.

For UNISON, Scotland’s biggest union for women, every day is an opportunity to advance the rights of working women. With more than 100,000 women members, UNISON Scotland is always advocating loudly and proudly for women’s rights at work.

Lilian Macer
Lilian Macer

Lilian Macer, UNISON Scotland convenor, said: “We need to celebrate International Women’s Day and celebrate the many achievements women have made in the workplace. But when we celebrate, we must also recognise the many challenges that face women in the world of work.

“This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is Choose to Challenge, and when we challenge racism, misogyny, homophobia and bullying we make a difference in the workplace. And when we make a difference in the workplace we also make a difference in society.

“Within UNISON Scotland our members have been delivering throughout this pandemic and the majority of those are women. And those women have made a real difference within our society. Take the pledge, and choose to challenge.”

UNISON is the place for women working in public services in Scotland. Join UNISON today.

See Lilian’s video message here.

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