Stars in our Schools – Celebrating the role of school support staff

UNISON in Schools celebrated the work carried out by all of our school support staff on Friday 27th November as part of the Stars in our Schools event which is celebrated around 29th November.

Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Assistant Branch Secretary enabled several schools across Aberdeenshire to take part.

“This allowed those schools to thank all the support staff who are very often forgotten, for all their hard work supporting our children through their educational years,” she said.

Susan added, “I would personally like to thank all those Head Teachers who welcomed and joined in with this event.

“I was able to visit the new Alford and Ellon Campuses where all of the school staff have been busy over the past few months in preparation for the pupils.”

Neil Morison, Head Teacher at Portlethen academy said it was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with all his support staff and thank them for their hard work.

“Hopefully we will be able to get more schools involved with this event next year, so I look forward to that next autumn,” said Susan.