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Statement in support of the school climate strikers taking action for climate justice

Local UNISON branches stand with the school climate strikers

The Fridays for Future Scotland are taking action on the 24th of September in the fight for the present and the future, alongside the most impacted sectors of society.

Events will take place across Scotland in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Forres, Ullapool and Stirling.
The branch has always supported the school climate strikers who are taking action on behalf of us all for climate justice. Although there is no local action, the branch has issued the following statement in support of all the Fridays for Future Climate strikers.
“Aberdeenshire UNISON sends support and solidarity to the Fridays for Future climate strikers, taking action in socially distanced rallies across the nations of the UK demanding action on climate change and climate justice.
We are proud that the youth climate strikers have recognised the extent of the Climate Emergency which is rapidly engulfing the world.  No one and nowhere is safe anymore.  The school strikers have demanded action now not in 2050 to halt carbon emissions.  The 2021 UN IPCC report by the world’s leading scientists has the same message – stop producing carbon emissions and start working together for the sake of all the world’s children so we can build a just, climate emergency resilient world.
Local Government, our council, has a big role to play in the just transition to a climate emergency resilient world.
If they are given the funds councils can create the jobs needed to give our young people the jobs our communities need to build the just, socially and climate resilient Scotland we all aspire to.
On this Friday please join the branch and send your messages of support to the School Climate Strikers”