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UNISON Local Government Hustings 15th April at 7pm

Please join us at the UNISON Scotland Local Government Election Hustings on Thursday 15th April at 7pm in advance of the 2021 Scottish Elections.

Register here

All major political parties have been invited to attend and the line up will be finalised shortly. This event will be live streamed on the UNISON Scotland Facebook Page. Once you register, you will be invited to submit questions.

This is a great opportunity to find out which of the political parties will recognise the essential work of our public service workers and support investment in public services through better funding and a decent pay rise.

Essential for workers that got this country through the pandemic; essential for services and communities; and essential for our economy.

Public service workers spend 80p of every £ earned back in their local communities. Public service workers pay their taxes. Increasing public service jobs and pay is not only fair, it’s the best way to kick start an economic recovery. Governments can’t afford not to invest in public services.

Come along and see how many of our political parties agree and get your chance to ask any questions you have.

Then you will know how best to VOTE FOR PUBLIC SERVICES