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What to do if there isn’t the right Personal Protective Equipment

UNISON is getting huge numbers of calls in relation to the lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from frontline care workers.

If you work in the council and don’t have the right protective equipment, it’s important that you (or your team) send an email to the council’s Covid-19 team at and copy in HR and your line manager.

If you work in the community and voluntary sector and don’t know who the Covid-19 response team are then send the email to your leadership team.

EMPLOYERS are working to get supplies to the frontline as quickly as possible. It’s important therefore that each employer knows where the shortages are.

Ensure that the risk assessment for the service user(s) is updated and reviewed every time the government advice is changed/updated – this should included whether PPE is required for the specific work that you are doing.

Ensure that the risk assessment for staff (or the staff team) is updated and reviewed every time the government advice is changed/updated make sure this includes how to keep yourself safe and who you should report concerns too

Remember to wash your hands thoroughly when you arrive at work and throughout the day. Soap and water is best but you can also use hand sanitizer if available.

Wash your hands between each activity you do with your service users and encourage them to do the same. The more you can wash your hands the better.

Try not to touch your face – this is harder than it sounds but important.

Try to operate social distancing where possible – can be difficult but there are some great examples across the internet and on Facebook.

If you are worried or concerned then contact your line manager for support and guidance. Do this by email so you have a clear evidence trail. If you are not getting the support , advice or reassurance that you need then contact your local UNISON steward or the UNISON branch office on 01224620624.

If you can’t get hold of someone then please email