Branch AGMs

The Branch Annual General Meeting is the main policy making forum for the branch and it is where branch officers and stewards are elected. All branch members are invited to attend and we seek nominations every year for Branch Officers and stewards’ positions.

AGMThe AGM is held in February every year. Click here for details of forthcoming and previous AGMs

The AGM is your opportunity to come along and find out what the branch has been doing and hold your branch officers and stewards to account for their work throughout the year. The annual accounts will be presented at the AGM and you will get a chance to ask questions about all aspects of the branch’s work.

It is also your chance to be more involved in the running of the branch and to have your say on what are the key issues for you as members.

Any member can put forward a motion to be debated at the AGM, so long as you have someone to second it and you are there to present it. The AGM will then get to vote on it, and if a majority agree with it, it becomes branch policy.

The quorum for the AGM, which is the number of members we need to go ahead, is 50.

If you have any comments about the AGM or any suggestions about how we could make it more accessible to members please email the branch with your suggestions. Click here to email.