Members benefits and services

UNISON provides its members and their families with a range of legal services and has entered into arrangements with Thompsons Solicitors to give branches access through the UNISONScotland office to local high quality employment advice. UNISON’s Legal department, with an officer in Scotland, concentrates on issues which affect large numbers of members. For employment matters you MUST contact the branch directly. For all other matters, call the UNISON Law Line on 0800 80 12 99. See more about UNISON’s legal services here.

Extra benefits for UNISON members

UNISON LivingClick the links below for more information on members benefits, or go to the benefits pages at UNISON Scotland or UNISON UK

As well as…

  • Individual representation on work related issues
  • Collective representation through negotiations on pay and conditions
  • A system that gives you a vote on elections and on negotiations
  • our own welfare charity There For You

UNISON Living is here to help you get the most from your own time too.

Maybe you want to head off to the sunshine on a budget, or perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your car and want help from someone you can trust. Or maybe you’re looking for the peace of mind that comes from knowing health and dental bills for your family are taken care of.

Whatever you need, UNISON Living can connect you with a trusted partner who can help. We’ve used the huge power of our 1.3 million members to secure some of the best deals exclusively for you to get

  • deals on holidays
  • health and wellbeing
  • help with finances
  • great value car offers and insurance

Click here for more information on the UNISON UK site