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March for climate justice in Green UNISON week – please sign the petiton

We are now in Green UNISON week. Watch out for activities you can do to support our planet and to campaign against climate change. Sign UNISON’s petitionoil and gas giants must pay. More details below.

Steve joins march for climate justice in Edinburgh
On Saturday 16 September, ATUC Exec member and Aberdeenshire UNISON Green Champion, Steve Gray joined climate campaigners who marched through Edinburgh on Saturday 16 Sept to demand the UK and Scottish Governments develop a plan for a fair and fast transition away from fossil fuels.

The march was one of 650 actions taking place around the world with millions of people involved this weekend ahead of a UN Climate Ambition Summit of world leaders in New York next week.

Steve said, “It was very encouraging to hear and see so many campaigners speaking out with empathy and energy in support of the workers in the fossil fuel industries who need the Government support for a just transition now. Also to see the Save Saint Fitticks Park Campaign at the front of the march.”

The protestors demanded action to phase out oil and gas in the UK including a halt to controversial projects like the Rosebank oil field and a new gas-fired power station in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire.

They called for a fair and fast transition for the workers and the communities most affected by the move away from fossil fuels and these people should be at the heart of planning this transition to ensure it meets their needs.

Sign UNISON’s petition – oil and gas giants must pay
UNISON is warning that oil and gas giants have been making record-breaking profits from the climate catastrophe.

Our planet is in peril, and we must hold those responsible accountable. Oil and gas giants have profited from the climate catastrophe for far too long, all while hardworking people are burdened with skyrocketing energy bills.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt and the government are making crucial decisions about taxes and spending ahead of the autumn budget. This is our moment to make our voices heard and exert the pressure needed for change.

By signing the petition today, you’re joining over 60,000 people calling on Jeremy Hunt to take these vital steps:

  • Commit to no new oil and gas: We must halt the expansion of fossil fuel projects and shift our focus towards sustainable alternatives.
  • Invest in green jobs & a just transition: Let’s invest in renewable energy sources and ensure a fair transition for workers in the fossil fuel industry.
  • Stop oil & gas giants profiting from climate change: It’s time they pay their fair share for the damage they’ve caused.

Oil and gas giants receive millions in subsidies meant to stimulate economic growth. But, these subsidies have been diverting funds that could be used for critical public services like healthcare or education.

We are calling on all members to stand with us and demand that oil and gas giants pay the price for their actions, not ordinary households.

Sign Petition HERE