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Are you a member in education? Please take the UNISON survey and give your views

The UNISON Scotland Educations Issues Group (EIG) continues to operate during the pandemic to look after the interests of all those supporting the Hubs in the national  effort.

Also, as a major education union, we work with and seek to influence COLSLA ( and its constituents), Scottish Government officials and Ministers on any planned re-opening of ELC and schools provision.

This week UNISON Scotland has launched a major survey of education members and will consider preliminary findings at Friday’s EIG meeting.

Here is a link to the survey: If you are an education members please go on and take the survey.

This is complementary to the wider LG survey which which can be found here and which has had a good response so far. Please take the time to complete both surveys.

Lorraine Thompson, Chair of EIG said, ” UNISON is represented on the DFM Covid 19 Education Recovery Group which meets several times a week.

“There will be a  meeting  on Monday 18 May with Minister for Children and Young People Maree Todd on ELC issues and the delayed extension on the 1140 hours programme. We are seeking engagement on ERG Workstream 2 – Preparing for 2020/21;  Workstream 6 – Workforce Support;  Workstream 7 – Workforce Planning

“UNISON’s main priority will  be to secure a planned and safe programme of any expansion of hubs provision or gradual return to any wider ELC, primary and secondary provision. Full trade union engagement in that strategic ‘mission’  nationally and in local operational planning and decision-making is key.”

UNISON Scotland will be making more public statements on the phased return of ELC/ Schools provision during this week.

UNISON is engaging very effectively with members and the wider workforce, and workers are turning to us for advice and assistance in an unprecedented way in these most concerning times.

The good work of everyone in UNISON Scotland is making a real positive difference to working people’s experience of this pandemic. Thank you for your support.

Stay safe.