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Branch to revisit Children and Families Social Work teams

Social Work cupcakesThe Branch will once again make workplace visits to all the Children and Families Social Work Teams across Aberdeenshire in January and February, to recognise the work of our members and to recruit more social work staff to the union.

This is a follow up to last year’s very successful visits and is at members’ request.

Lyndsey Wallace, Local Organiser said, “We will once again be taking round cupcakes for our members to thank them for the work they do to protect our most vulnerable children and their families.

“We also want to encourage non-members to join UNISON to have the protection of the union behind them as they undertake the increasingly complex but very important work that they do.”

Kate Ramsden, Branch Chair and herself a social worker added, “UNISON promotes this important role of our members in social work and we believe that we have had some success in improving the profile of social work in the media and in promoting a better understanding of the work done by social work members and the pressures they face.”

Social Work manifestoUNISON Scotland campaigns actively on a range of issues relevant to our social work members. We have issued a Manifesto for Social Work in Scotland, and we have taken the lead on issues such as direct payments. We have also issued a Workload Management and Supervision Negotiating Resource and have recently completed a Guide for Social Work Practitioners, Keeping Safe in the Workplace.