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Holiday Pay update – Branch urges members to act NOW if you think you have a claim

Case FormThe branch has once again written to all members urging them to get in touch immediately with the UNISON office on 01224 620624 for a Holiday Pay Case Form if you believe you have a claim for additional holiday pay. Because of legal time limits, this must be completed and returned no later than Friday 20th March.

Inez Teece
Inez Teece

Inez Teece, Branch Secretary said, “The council is looking to settle the issue over holiday pay, particularly for certain allowances and additional hours that in the past have not been included in holiday pay.

“These include overtime, additional hours, weekend working rate, night working rate, public holiday rate, standby, call out, sleep in, registrar’s allowance, accompanying residents on holiday, home tuition, twilights payments and music centre duties.

“However the council only plans to backdate these payments to 1st January 2015.

“UNISON believes that many workers will have valid claims that should be backdated further. For example if you took annual leave over the Christmas period and your holiday pay didn’t include additional holiday payments based on the above allowances, you won’t get a backdated payment for them under the council’s current proposals.

“If you think that you do have a claim you must contact immediately. We will not be able to pursue a claim for you unless we receive a Holiday Pay Case form by 20th March as legal time limits will kick in. It is members’ responsibility to complete the form and return it to us with the documents required.

“Please make sure that you don’t lose out!”