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Information for social care members about the “furlough” scheme

thumbnail of Furlough information for social care workers
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In every workplace that we have members, UNISON is asking employers to make sure that workers who follow government and NHS guidance to ‘shield’, or those who have ‘caring’ responsibilities, do not lose out financially by not being able to attend work. Some organisations may already be committed to supporting their employees by paying them their full pay while having to stay off work however there are those who are not always able to.

Until recently, information on the provision of ‘furlough’ provided by government was not clear for Social Care Providers who receive Government/Local Authority funding.

However, new additional information in relation to this was published on 17th April, in order to help Social Care providers make a decision on applying for ‘Furlough’, for those who fell into these categories.

Further details of the new guidance and where you can get more information can be found by clicking on the graphic.