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Pay update – payslips delayed but back monies will be in March pay

UNISON deliversAberdeenshire Council has advised that due to the implementation of the 2018-19 pay award, there will be slight delay in the issue of the March paper payslips.

This is due to the complexities involved in implementing the 12-month back pay award which has resulted in a significant increase in the time required to undertake and run the required payroll actions.

However, the council has pledged to make every effort to try to ensure that employees will receive their payslips prior to the date of pay. This will have no effect on the payment of salaries which will be paid into bank accounts as expected on Thursday 28 March.

Unfortunately, due to a system error, the payslip information for Councillors, Local Government and NESTRANS employees will show an incorrect payment date of 29 March.   However, there will be a message on these payslips to reassure employees that the actual pay date will be Thursday 28 March.

For employees who view their payslips on-line through Employee Self Service (Business Services, Infrastructure and Children’s Services), they will be able to view their payslip as normal following receipt of the notification email.

This information will be communicated to employees via Arcadia, through Employee Self Service and by email to Services. The askHR help desk will be available to deal with any queries or provide any further information.