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School staff members – please return your ballot now

The branch is urging all our members in schools to return your strike ballot paper now. The ballot closes at 10am on 25 August.

If you have lost your ballot paper or didn’t get one, please call our helpline today on 0800 0 857 857

Branch secretary, Inez Kirk has written out to all members being balloted.

In it Inez says: “I want to thank each and every one of you that has returned your ballot so far. We are just over halfway through the ballot period so if your purple envelope is sitting on the kitchen counter it is time to complete it and return.”

She points out the importance of everyone returning their ballot paper, whatever they vote for.

“We need at least 50% of our members to return their ballot papers for a legal vote. If we do not deliver a legal vote then we are showing employers that we don’t care about our pay and they will be able to impose whatever they want.

“A simple act of completing and returning a ballot paper is a very strong act, that shows employers that you have to be valued, that you are not going to be ignored and walked over. That you really do matter and without you schools could not operate.

Inez apologised for the numbers of texts and phone calls members have received. She explained: “Please don’t think of these as a nuisance we are taking the time to make sure we get the vote needed to improve your pay, if you have replied once, just ignore them.

“Please don’t block our numbers as this will prevent us from calling you in the future, when you may need us to.

“These are a way of reminding you to return your ballot paper. If you are still waiting to send your vote back please do now.

“Colleagues throughout Scotland are also voting and together we can all get the pay we so rightly deserve.”