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Survey for social work members on the National Care Service Bill – please complete

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This is an important message for all our social work members.

The National Care Service (NCS) (Scotland) Bill proposes massive changes for how social work is delivered in Scotland. If it goes through, Scottish Government Ministers will be able to remove social work services from Local Authority control and place them in a National Social Work Agency, responsible to Ministers.

A survey has been emailed out to all social work members seeking your views on the bill which is currently out for consultation. Please watch out for this  and make sure you have your say.

Kate Ramsden, Branch Co-chair and member of UNISON’s Social Work Issues Group said: “There is very little detail about how this will work in practice, but whilst the Scottish Government says it is not a done deal (except for adult services social work) and will be subject to consultation, by giving themselves these powers, it opens the door to a complete restructuring of social work in Scotland.

“That will mean it’s removal from the democratic control of councils and the loss of local relationships and an ability to respond to local need.

Kate Ramsden
Kate Ramsden

“At a time when UNISON, The Promise and the work of Social Work Scotland are calling for measures to enable social workers to to practice in the relationship based way we all came into the profession to do, and are pressing for proper investment in frontline social work, manageable caseloads, professional supervision and an end to managerialism, these proposals risk derailing this progress.

“Your survey responses will help to form UNISON’s response to the consultation on the National Care Service (Scotland) Bill. Please also make sure that your own line management knows of your views and concerns.”

Click here for UNISON Scotland’s briefing on the NCS and find what the unions concerns are.