UNISON Scotland local government campaign – Fighting together for a better future tomorrow Please do the survey

UNISON Scotland has launched ‘Fighting Together Today For a Better Future Tomorrow’ campaign to recognise the extraordinary efforts of local government workers and build a better future for them and the communities they serve.

UNISON’s campaign, launched on 11th May, calls for four things;

  • Rewarding local government workers – a COVID-19 premium that recognises the vital service that local government workers provide to our communities.
  • Securing the long term financial stability of Local Government–further investment in local government to protect jobs and pay for the future.
  • Shaping local government for the future– reviewing the job evaluation of those roles that have changed as a result of COVID.  This is in addition to the call they have already made for a review of the care at home job evaluation that needs to take place following the SSSC qualification requirement they will face from September this year.
  • Consolidation of the Living Wage – delivery of full consolidation of the living wage for all across Scotland as committed to through the last pay deal.

UNISON has produced a short survey  to gather members’ views on what the post-lock down legacy should look like.  Please click here and take part in the survey.

UNISON has written to the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and to COSLA asking them to sign up to UNISON’s plan.

Johanna Baxter, UNISON Head of Local Government said “A one-off payment for a select few will not deliver for the many local government workers and the communities they serve.

“Only sustained long term investment will protect jobs and deliver a lockdown legacy that reduces wage inequalities – that is what UNISON’s plan will deliver.”

Inez Kirk, Branch Secretary added, “UNISON members have responded heroically to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis – providing support to the most vulnerable members of our communities, looking after the children of key workers, collecting our refuse and staffing temporary body storage facilities for the deceased, to name but a few examples.

“Their extraordinary efforts and the critical value of the roles they perform deserve to be rewarded and they need to be part of shaping the future.”