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URGENT message for school support staff members – do not complete the council questionnaire

Aberdeenshire UNISON is urging all school support staff members NOT to complete any questionnaire or survey from the council until there is proper consultation.

The branch has learned that emails have been sent to staff with questionnaires about return to school, despite emails to the Director of Education and Children’s Services yesterday about the lack of consultation.

Branch secretary, Inez Kirk has again written to the Director demanding answers after proper consultation was promised yesterday when this first arose.

Inez said, “Our members have been told that there will be a full return to work in the next two weeks. Again none of this shared with ourselves.

Inez Kirk
Inez Kirk

“I thought I had made it clear that the local government trade unions have no agreement on the return to work, there has been no consultation with the trade unions and there is no agreement on changing school support staff’s contracts to return early.

“We have to be certain that protections are in place and agreements reached BEFORE any action is taken to move forward, and this includes letters and questionnaires.

“Our members are the ones in close contact with the young people of Aberdeenshire, our members are the ones most at risk, our members must have a voice,” demanded Inez.

She called again for the earliest discussions and consultation with the local government unions and our members before any action is taken.

In his response, the Director Laurence Findlay apologised “for any lack of involvement/consultation with non-teaching Trade Union colleagues around the potential return to school.”

He pledged “to work with colleagues this week to address the local issues, so we can move forward proactively, positively and collegially.”

Meantime no member should feel pressured to complete the questionnaire. Please email the branch if you have any further issues, on