Welcome to our UNISON Aberdeenshire Branch website

Proud to be in UNISONWelcome to the Aberdeenshire Branch website.

After 12 years and two national awards we retired the old branch website in 2017 and launched this new one designed to be cleaner, more accessible and able to be updated by a wider group of the branch team.

It will also help us integrate better with social media (Facebook and Twitter) and, with a growing number of members accessing the web from their smartphones, the new website converts seamlessly to that platform.

We’ve transferred most of our old website from 2014 across to this new website. However, the original site was started way back in 2005 and there might still be things members want to look back at. So, we have kept the old site as an archive at Some links on this new site may still link to pages on the old site but they will be clearly labelled as the archive site.

We want your views

We are very keen to hear your views about this site. Does it give you the information you need? Do you find it attractive and well set out? Is it easy to find your way around? If you have any comments or views or any suggestions for improvement, or if you’ve had any problems using the site, please click here to contact us by email or phone the Aberdeen Office on 01224 620624.

NOTE: In line with UNISON Scotland’s ethos of lay involvement in communications, this website has been developed by lay volunteers in Aberdeenshire UNISON and the UNISON Scotland Communications and Campaigns Committee. Branch webmanager is Kate Ramsden.