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What the latest pay offer means and why UNISON is recommending rejection

The branch is calling on all our members to watch out for the online consultation on the new pay offer and to make sure you vote.

Please make sure we have an email address or mobile number for you, to make sure you have your say.

The Briefing (below) explains all the issues and will be sent out to all members.

 New pay offer and consultation

You will have heard through our communications and the press that a new pay offer has been made to us in Local Government.

The way this offer is written is confusing for many people and difficult to work out exactly what you would get.

I will try to break it down and explain so that you can vote in our online consultation knowing what it means for you.

The pay consultation will run up until 9th September.

A link to vote will be sent to you via Text or Email (make sure we have your details)

Firstly I will answer the easy bit to the new pay offer, the offer of an additional annual leave day.

This will mean all full time staff working 37 hours a week will receive additional hours onto their annual leave equivalent to an extra day.

For full year part time staff they will receive the equivalent hours on their leave equal to an extra day leave.

For those working in schools and term time, this will not mean a day you can take off during term time or an additional day where the school is closed.

Your annual leave is taken when the schools are closed so you will be given extra pay equivalent to an extra day of work. So you will be paid an extra day during the year.

The pay offer itself

Every worker has been offered 5% increase to their salary.

This sounds like a good offer and certainly better than anything we have received for many years.


Inflation is currently running at 10.1% and predicted to climb to 18% at the beginning of next year. So a 5% pay rise is actually a 5.1% pay cut at this time

There is the intention to make the pay increase equivalent to £1925 for every worker.

This is where it becomes very confusing.

Basically if you earn £39000 or below you will receive a sum of money, added to your salary, that will take any pay award to the equivalent of £1925.


This additional money will not be added to your yearly salary, it will not be what is termed ‘consolidated’ .

So after next year the extra amount will be taken from your salary and not paid. You will be left with just the 5% increase.

This offer is based on a 37 hour a week contract.

I you work 37 hours a week on a full year contract you will receive the amounts stated in the pay award.


If you work less than 37 hours a week you will only receive a proportion of the lump sum element.

If you are term time you will receive an even smaller amount of the lump sum element.

So what appears to be a reasonable offer from the employer doesn’t really add up when broken down.

UNISON is recommending that you reject the offer.

You are worth more than is on the table.

Lets reject the offer and show COSLA and Scottish Government that you are worth more, you have had enough and are not going to be overlooked and forgotten about any more.