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Are you an EU citizen living in the UK – find out now about Settled Status

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This  week the media have been focussing on how Brexit will impact on EU workers across the UK. Theresa May has now confirmed that the government will scrap the £65 fee that EU citizens must pay if they want to remain in the UK after Brexit.

UNISON has issued guidance on Settled Status for branches and members in November 2018, and had been campaigning for employers to pay the fees, offer support and paid time for employees applying for and going through the Settled Status process from March 2019. UNISON would also like to see all applicants being treated the same as their UK counterparts once they become EU-citizens under UK employment laws.

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The branch’s North East Care Campaign has highlighted concerns from our community and voluntary sector members who are worried about their future in Scotland, but this is also a concern for our local government members too where we have high levels of EU members working in care, education and public services across Aberdeenshire.

We would encourage our EU members to contact us. It is important that we hear from our members to find out how we can support them through the Settled Status process. We can explore positive ways in which we campaign to access funding for the cost of a settled status application too.

The branch hopes to hold meetings for all of our EU members in the near future.