Branch ballots members on terms and conditions

Public WorksThe Branch has issued ballot papers to members on the council’s revised terms and conditions package.

Members are asked to make sure that they complete and return their ballot paper by Friday 1st November 2013.

The Branch will also respond formally to the council based on what members have told us individually and at the meetings.
“We know from speaking to members, that not everyone will gain from the new package. We will continue to push the council to address these matters on behalf of our members,” said Inez Teece, Branch Secretary.

“However, UNISON believes that we have achieved much of what we set out to do in implementing the living wage for all staff, trying to protect the lowest paid, predominantly female workforce.

“We have sought legal opinion on these changes and although some stand to lose, we believe that they comply with Equal Pay and Equalities legislation.

“The branch believes that this is the very best that can be achieved through negotiation.”

Members are also reminded to respond to the council’s consultation.