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Cornerstone signs UNISON Violence at Work Charter

The branch is please to announce that Cornerstone has signed the UNISON Violence at Work Charter.

This means that Cornerstone will work with UNISON to monitor and support staff as well as putting in place safeguards and training.

Debs Clarke, Regional Organiser said, “We are delighted that Cornerstone has taken this step and hope that many other charities will follow. This is great news for Care Staff and once again demonstrates the importance of being in a union.”

The 2017 Community Service Group conference in 2017 agreed to launch a “Violence at Work Charter” which would see employers commit themselves to “a series of interventions” to reduce the number of violent incidents staff find themselves subject to.

This would include:

  • collecting and monitoring data on violent incidents;
  • proper structured support for staff who experience violence;
  • thorough risk assessments when staff are placed in vulnerable situations;
  • training for staff so they know how to deal with threatening situations.

Many of these might seem obvious steps, but the importance of getting community employers to sign up to them was illustrated by one speaker.

And if, despite everything, workers are injured through violence at work, conference declared, then they should receive full support and proper sick pay.