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Cornerstone’s violence at work charter – employer and your union working together

thumbnail of Cornerstone – Violence at Work Agreement
Click on the pictire to see the signed agreement and what it means for you

As members know we are sharing some of the agreements reached with Cornerstone. The third agreement is the Violence at Work Charter. This is part of roll out of agreements that we have worked with in Cornerstone over the last 2 years.

The Violence at Work Charter is a UNISON initiative aimed at reducing what has been a rising level of violence against workers in the Community & Voluntary Sector. UNISON has been working with employers over the last couple of years to tighten up existing policies and procedures, or write new ones to ensure that our members are treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve at work. Cornerstone signed this agreement on 13th March 2018.

When signing up, employers agree to meet 10 standards within a year of them signing.

You can see the document for yourself, by clicking on the graphic above. The 10 points are really clear and show the standards that UNISON hold employers to in order to prevent our members suffering violent incidents.

Access to information and consultation on how solutions can be found are key to this process. This helps our members as violent incidents are avoided, and helps the employer as we do not need to lodge legal proceedings on behalf of members who were attacked at work.

It’s just another example of the good work that can be achieved when employers and trade unions work together.

UNISON Cornerstone Team