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Join us on Workers’ Memorial Day to commemorate those frontline workers who have lost their lives to Covid-19

We are encouraging all our branch members to take part in this year’s International Workers’ Memorial day on Tuesday 28th April, in which we pledge to remember the dead, fight for the living.

Please observe the one minute’s silence at 11am. You can also register here to attend the STUC online commemoration from 10.30am.

See the call from UNISON Scotland to join Workers’ Memorial Day.

This year’s commemorations will be like no others as many of us “stay at home” to protect the most vulnerable, whilst our key worker colleagues continue to provide essential services during this Covid-19 pendemic.

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Many of our colleagues are risking their lives and health when they go to work and many have already paid the ultimate price. This year’s Worker’s Memorial Day is dedicated to all those who have become ill or who have died during this pandemic, and to all those essential workers continuing to provide vital services to our communities and our most vulnerable.

UNISON Aberdeenshire has supported International Workers Memorial Day for many years.

Branch co-chair, Steve Gray said, “On this day we take time to remember and commemorate all those people who have been killed at work, to provide support and comfort to their families and to commit to striving for healthier, safer and fairer work for all.

Wreaths last year in Persley Memorial Garden where the commemoration usually takes place

“As a member led trade union it is up to all of us to fight to help ensure that workers are not denied the basic human right of returning home to loved ones after their work is done.

“This year due to the Corona Virus national emergency thousands of workers across Aberdeenshire and the country are caring for those suffering from COVID-19 or delivering vital public services that are vital for us all – potentially putting their own safety and their own lives at risk.

“The risks faced by those working in the health and social care sectors are known and paid tribute to each Thursday evening at 8pm, but there are many others – people working in childcare, community hubs, the voluntary sector, burial grounds, refuse collection, hostels and rescue centres, in shops and delivery services, in public transport services, the posties, gas, water and electricity providers.

“To all those whose work and dedication all of us rely on we at UNISON Aberdeenshire send our thanks and best wishes.”

Stay safe!