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Branch joins 100,000 marchers to say NO to cuts and YES to workers' rights

Branch delegates travelled to Manchester on 4th October to join the TUC march and demonstration against austerity and against the Trade Union bill, on the first day of the Tory Party Conference.

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Tens of thousands of trade unionists joined other activists and protesters to give a loud and clear message to the Tories – “We will not stand by and see the poor and vulnerable targetted with cuts whilst the richest in the UK double their wealth. We will not stand by and see workers’ rights and human rights trod underfoot by a government of the rich, for the rich.”

As the sun shone the marchers made a colourful display as they snaked through the streets of Manchester. The Tories meantime, hid themselves away behind a “ring of steel” – barriers and security to keep away real people.

Kate Ramsden, Branch Chair said, “It was brilliant to see so many people speaking out with one voice against Tory policies which hit the poorest hardest but squeeze all but the richest in our society.

“The Tories have no idea about the suffering of ordinary people and they care less. For all their talk of being the “party of the workers” their policies hit workers the hardest.”

The Branch has pledged to fight attacks on workers through the Trade Union Bill and will be spreading the word to members and non-members throughout the council, about the threat to workers’ rights that the bill represents.

Inez Teece, Branch Secretary added, “We are delighted that Aberdeenshire Council and CoSLA are standing with us against this bill. Indeed the Scottish Government and all the political parties bar the Tories are opposing it in Scotland.

“We will be joining the lobby against the bill at Westminster on 2nd November and will be asking our MPs to meet with us and to stand with us against the Trade Union bill.”