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Branch condemnation as council bypasses unions on terms and conditions announcement

Public WorksThe Branch has condemned Aberdeenshire Council’s decision to publicise the outcome of the consultation on terms and conditions BEFORE meeting with the trade unions to discuss the Trade Union and staff responses.

Inez Teece, Branch Secretary said, “UNISON Aberdeenshire consulted our members and we sent a detailed response, we believe other trade unions did likewise.

“Aberdeenshire Council also asked all staff to fill in their consultation response, yet have not shared the outcome of that consultation with us.

“Consultation must be meaningful and it’s normal practice for the Council and the unions to share information and to discuss outcomes, yet this has not happened.  UNISON believes the trade unions have simply been ignored.

“Our members deserve more from their employer.  There are many issues that still need to be discussed and UNISON had a number of concerns about the impact of the new terms and conditions on some of our members.

“We are extremely disappointed that the council has ignored normal/accepted practice, and has publicised information on ARCADIA and through e-mail to the workforce.

“No Trade Union knew this was happening. This is not partnership working,” slammed Inez.

“Too many people still stand to lose too much money and simply ignoring the feedback from the consultation is neither fair nor appropriate.

“Aberdeenshire Council say they are committed to meaningful consultation – yet we do not know what the outcomes of all the consultations are.  There has been no communication and feedback and this is unacceptable,” she added.

“The Branch has now written to the Council to try to address this issue and we will be taking matters further.”

The Branch will keep members informed of  progress.”