Branch joins #AberdeenClimateStrike and calls for action to save our planet in #GreenUNISON Week

#GreenUNISON Branch activists joined over a thousand school climate strikers in Aberdeen as part of a movement that saw millions of young people across the world take action to save the planet.

This was the culmination of GreenUNISON week, set up to highlight the need to take action as a matter of urgency to stop climate change.

Kate Ramsden, Branch co-Chair spoke at the #AberdeenClimateStrike bringing solidarity from UNISON and pledging to stand with the student climate strikers.

“We need to take a lead from the dynamic movement we see here today. From our young people striking for the planet,” said Kate.

Calling climate change, “the greatest single threat faced by humanity today,” Kate warned that time is running out for our planet and our people and called for action now.

She spoke about the work that UNISON has been doing, campaigning for green workplace policies and lobbying for strong greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets and policies to deliver them.

“We know we need to end our dependence on fossil fuels and cut carbon emissions to stop global warming.

“But time is pressing. We need to up our game and do more,” warned Kate.

“We need to be guided and led by our young people because it is your legacy we are destroying,” she added, calling on them not to forget the power that unions have.

“Get involved and tell us what more we can do,” urged Kate.

The branch has also run stalls in Gordon House and Woodhill House, where members and non-members alike vowed to do more to combat climate change and pledged support for the student climate strikers.

On Wednesday Aberdeenshire branch homecare members join other members to pledge to do their bit to save the planet. At our GreenUNISON stall in Woodhill House today there was great support for the climate strike.

With thanks to Jacob Campbell for some of these photos.

Home care members support the climate strikers
Branch co-Chairs Kate and Steve at the Gordon House stall






Branch treasurer Ann pledges support for the climate strikers
Branch officers, Morag and Kathleen at the Woodhill House stall