Branch supports Gaza and condemns killings of unarmed protesters by Israel

Land Day MassacreAberdeenshire branch committee has condemned the killing and maiming of unarmed Palestinians including children in Gaza by the Israeli forces over the past few weeks.

The branch supported a call from Communications Officer, Kate Ramsden and Branch Chair, Steve Gray for a range of measures to support Gaza. This included making a donation to Medical Aid for Palestine (MAP’s) current appeal to support the people of Gaza.

The branch will encourage branch activists and members to take part in protests against the killings in Gaza and will promote UNISON’s campaign of BDS locally, especially the Time to Divest campaign to press pensions funds to divest from companies complicit in Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians.

The branch will also lobby the council to support BDS.

Kate Ramsden
Kate Ramsden

Kate Ramsden said, “We further condemned the illegal siege of Gaza which has seen just over 2 million Palestinians, more than half of whom are children, cut off from the outside world in an open air prison.

“Unemployment is at 45% and many are living in dire poverty without enough to eat. 46% of children suffer acute anaemia as a result.”

Palestinians have been calling on their right to return following the Nakba when they were dispossessed of their lands and became refugees in Gaza.

Kate added, “We believe that there is no excuse for shooting unarmed protesters. It is a human right to protest and we believe that the massacre of unarmed Palestinians is yet another breach of international law by Israel.”