Local Cornerstone – Groundhog Day as Cornerstone appears to revert to original position

Cornerstone Groundhog
Cornerstone Groundhog

Some time ago UNISON had to intervene when Cornerstone proposed implementing a new model of social care based on Self Organised Teams without agreement. Their plans:-

  • Automatically changed staffs roles and responsibilities
  • Paid frontline staff £9.50 for vastly increased workloads
  • Put Service Manager and Team Leaders roles at risk in terms of demotion and dilution of duties
  • Removed one to one supervision, putting staff at risk in terms of practice and development

UNISON intervened to convince Cornerstone that a voluntary pilot scheme would be more sensible for the business and our members, that a starting pay rate of £10 would be more appropriate given rates of pay elsewhere in the sector, and allowed our members who were Service Managers and Team Leaders more breathing space in terms of their options going forward. Clearly, we have continued to work on each aspect of the above in the months since.

Unfortunately, Cornerstone appear to be reverting to their original positions. We have seen no movement from them on how they can protect the management jobs that are at risk, and they are now speaking about removing the voluntary aspect of Local Cornerstone. Most importantly, they are reducing consultations with UNISON on these issues and looking to blame us for their management failures!

UNISON would question just where we are in terms of implementing Self Organised Teams – do Cornerstone have any that are truly working as intended?

UNISON has the best interests of our members at heart, not just on pay and job security, but on the entire future of the business.

Don’t let Groundhog Day take hold in Cornerstone – Stand with UNISON, YOUR Trade Union