UNISON asks Who Benefits from Local Cornerstone?

Members will know that after UNISON’s initial concerns over how Local Cornerstone would be implemented, we did see how a properly implemented system could be of benefit to our members.

However, with Cornerstones Leadership’s Teams retreat from the negotiating table, their refusal to make us a pay offer at this late stage, and their continued failure to identify a sensible route forward for Service Managers and Team Leaders, UNISON has to ask who Local Cornerstone has benefitted so far?

It appears to UNISON that:-

  • Accounts show that the Chief Executive has received thousands of pounds in pay increases year on year
  • Business Leaders received thousands of pounds in salary increases
  • Coaches received thousands of pounds in pay increases
  • Leadership Team numbers increased from 4 to 5
  • The company received £500,000 from the investment arm of The Big Issue for IT equipment which is not fully functional as yet
  • Accounts show that the number of staff earning more than 60k has doubled since 2012

So who has benefitted from Local Cornerstone? Where is our members’ pay rise for more challenging and involving work? Where is the job security for middle management? Just how are the Cornerstone Board overseeing this project?

UNISON make no apology for fighting for these basic rights for our members. We are on our members’ side. We want our members to succeed in Cornerstone. We will always be here to speak up  on your behalf.

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