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Members accept pay deal and backdated rise expected in January pay

Worth itUNISON council members have voted to accept the pay deal after the union secured an additional £48m funding on the paybill for an improved offer from COSLA, with more than 75% voting in favour of the offer.

It means that most council workers will receive a pay rise of between 3.4 and 4.7%, with the pay offer being backdated to January 2021. More than 55% local government workers earn below £25k per annum and the flat rate increase of approximately £1,062 secured for those workers is the highest single uplift in a one-year settlement for the lowest paid that has been achieved.

Worth itUNISON is calling on COSLA to implement the pay deal as soon as possible and has warned that the principle of parity across the local government workforce must be maintained or the union will seek to reopen negotiations. The branch understands that Aberdeenshire council workers should get the backdated rise in their January pay packets.

Inez Kirk, branch secretary and one of the union negotiators said: “We’re delighted to have secured an improved pay offer for our members which rightly puts more money into the pockets of those on the lowest pay – it is just disappointing that UNISON members had to threaten to go on strike for their employer to recognise their worth.

Worth it“Our dedicated local government workers have kept our services going throughout the pandemic and we will continue to fight for them and for the services they deliver. Empowering our local councils and communities will be critical going forward and we need the Scottish Government to invest in our local services and they key workers who deliver them.”