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Online consultation on Pay Offer – Vote to REJECT

UNISON will be balloting members on the employers’ latest pay offer via an online forum for the first time ever.

To register your vote, please click here. You will also find leaflets and posters explaining why the pay offer is not fair pay.

N.B. Please check your e mails and Junk folder for the ballot materials and to go to My UNISON to update your e mail addresses.

Inez Teece, Branch Secretary said, “The employers have offered Local Government workers a pay increase of £350.00, which will be added to the pay of all staff earning under £35,000 per annum.  That is, the annual pay will have £350.00 added based on 37 hours per week, which equates to approximately 18 pence per hour for workers.  Those earning over £35,000 will receive a 1% increase.

“UNISON, and other unions, submitted a claim for a £1,000 flat rate increase for all workers.  During negotiations, the employers have increased their offer but it falls short of our original claim and ignores the direct request for a flat rate increase for all staff.

“Our pay is worth far less now than ten years ago after years of pay restraint and inflation. Local government workers are seeing their living standards squeezed as the prices of food, gas and electricity, travel, food and childcare continue to rise. But while inflation indexes show how costs are rising, the impact on individual households is often worse. This can not continue,” warned Inez.

“As a result of the offer not reflecting our original claim, UNISON is recommending rejection, but if you do reject this offer, then we need to be able to deliver industrial action up to and including strike action.

“It is vitally important that we deliver a good turnout in this ballot due to changes coming into effect as a result of the Trade Union Act.  Please register your vote and tell the employers that it is time for Local Government workers to be paid fairly for the vital work we do,” urged Inez.

We are worth it! 

We are Worth Fair Pay.