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Pay protection clarity needed for team leaders & service managers

Cornestone pay protectionAs you will remember, Cornerstone’s original vision of LCAST teams was that Team Leaders and Service Managers would have the option to join the teams. Pay protection was verbally offered for this group of staff but not negotiated and agreed with UNISON!

UNISON has been speaking to Cornerstone management regarding this verbal offer of pay protection as it’s clear that our members need a clearly defined agreement on what the pay protection is and how long it will be in place.

To date Cornerstone have resisted every opportunity to formally negotiate and agree the Pay Protection

Additionally, we have been trying to seek clarity on proposed new roles like Project Leader and Team Mentor, with a view as to how they could tie in with people who are TL’s and SM’s. Again, it is unclear to members how or when these roles will be operational or if they would be ringfenced as per policy.

UNISON has concerns about our members in these business critical roles and what exactly is on the table to protect them from any adverse affects as Local Cornerstone continues to impact on the frontline. As such we want to speak to our members in these areas with a view to how we move forward.

Accordingly, if you are a UNISON member who is a Team Leader or Service Manager could you email with your name, email address, mobile number and of course any thoughts you may have on the issues affecting you. Once we collate our responses we’ll be in contact.

UNISON Cornerstone Team