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Plant a Tree – Aberdeenshire UNISON stands with Palestine

Tree planting in Palestine

Aberdeenshire UNISON branch committee gave its overwhelming support to the Plant a Tree for Palestine initiative, launched by the Aberdeen branch of Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC).

This new campaign which aims to build local solidarity with and support communities in South West Bethlehem targeted by illegal settlement expansion.SPSC member Fiona Napier attended the branch committee to seek support and the committee agreed both to donate £500 towards tree planting in Palestine and to publicise the campaign.

More information can be found at the Plant a Tree page of the SPSC Aberdeen website, where you can also donate.

Aberdeenshire UNISON has a proud tradition of supporting the Palestinian cause and calling for an end to the oppression of the people of Palestine and occupation of their lands.

Fiona told the committee, “Initially this project will focus on tree planting as political resistance via the ‘Plant-a-Tree in Palestine’ initiative, raising money for trees that can then be planted by farmers and communities, contributing to sustainable economic development as well as symbolic resistance against Israeli occupation.”

If enough money can be raised by February 2021, it’s hoped the first planting can take place by March (before the planting season ends). £8 will allow one olive tree or grape vine plant to be purchased and the ground properly prepared.  You can donate here.

Beyond March, the campaign aims to develop ties between the communities that make up this land targeted for further illegal Israeli settlements. This will include public events that provide a platform for the communities affected to tell their story, and the campaign is working with grassroots Palestinian organisations, Stop the Wall and Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (PSCC) networks to deliver this project. Another key partner in the project is the Stop the JNF, which campaigns against the historic and current role the JNF have played in the dispossession of Palestinians.

Fiona added, “During the year, Aberdeen SPSC will be using their website and Facebook page to tell the story of what is happening in this area of South West Bethlehem, and are keen to come out and speak to organisations about this project, and ask for their support.

If any of our members are involved in a  Parent Council, faith group, political organisation etc. and would like to find out more, email

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