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UNISON statement on Cornerstone decision to de-recognise.

UNISON Cornerstone - standing up for membersUNISON statement on Cornerstone decision to de-recognise.

Deborah Clarke, UNISON Scotland head of community, said:

“UNISON was informed of this decision at the same time as the media. We were disappointed to hear Cornerstone felt the need to take this decision at a critical stage during the implementation of Local Cornerstone. We are due to meet at ACAS today to continue our talks over pay. Cornerstone has cancelled that meeting.

“UNISON do not recognise the picture painted by Cornerstone. Our members are the very people who care for Cornerstones service users and the people they support are always at the forefront of their minds, they care deeply about the people they look after and the overall service at Cornerstone.

“UNISON stewards will meet today to consider next steps including statutory recognition to protect our members. However we hope to discuss this issue further with the Cornerstone Board. UNISON will also discuss this decision with our members in Cornerstone before we decide what to do next”

UNISON is the biggest trade union in the voluntary sector. We campaign for care staff across all sectors to get the living wage, training and time to care for their clients. UNISON is the largest trade union in Cornerstone, we represent our members and organise in Cornerstone as well as many other community and voluntary sector employers.