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Aberdeenshire UNISON calls on council to rethink privatisation of Design and Print Services

Aberdeenshire UNISON has called on elected members to reconsider their plan to privatise the Print and Design service alongside the renewal of the printing and photocopying contract.

In a briefing to all councillors, the branch has commended Aberdeenshire Council for having not gone down the route of many others by outsourcing/privatising its services and urged it not to sell off their Print and Design Service for short-term gain.

A paper compiled by Morag Lawrence, steward, detailing the benefits of insourcing was also sent to councillors.

Inez Teece, Branch Secretary said, “We have launched a dialogue with the employers to continue over the coming months to campaign to keep services in house not only for print and design but for all council services.

“UNISON will not sit back and let our services and staff be sold off to the highest bidder when the people of Aberdeenshire will end up picking up the costs in financial terms and diminished services.”